Queen Street has become the most dynamic destination in Niagara Falls for locals and tourists alike. We are different and unique! We are indeed the hidden gem, just a few minutes from the spectacular Wonder of the World, the majestic Falls! Queen Street is where you enjoy the REAL local flavour, colour and tempo of Niagara Falls!

In short there is so much to see and do on Queen Street in Niagara Falls! With unique merchandise at affordable prices, and sumptuous food not found anywhere else in the region, Queen Street is now fast becoming the hub and a must-stop destination at Niagara Falls. Queen Street is also peppered with dozens of business operations, from lawyers, accountants, tax services to architects and doctors. Once again we welcome you to the pulse of Niagara Falls. As always, we appreciate your support and interest as we continue working together to make Queen Street  Niagara Falls your distinct destination for a local experience.