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Raimondo & Associates Architects Inc.

Address: 4687 Queen Street, Studio 2, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 2L9

Phone #: 905-357-4441



Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc.

Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc. (RAAI) was established with a solid commitment to a style and philosophy of practice that is unique and engaging.  Providing award-winning architectural services,  the firm has amassed over twenty years of experience with retained files and drawings of various project types and complexities. Our approach stresses the "Team" effort, ensuring that all parties are involved from the very onset of each project, including the Client, as a vital part of the 'Design Team'.

While it is true that the client relies on the professionalism and the expertise of the Architect to form the balance of the Project team, the Client brings their own intimate knowledge of the operational and functional requirements for their project. These requirements are best expressed by their active participation in the space programming and design process, analyzing the issues along with the Team, and reacting and commenting on proposed alternatives.  At RAAI, clients are guaranteed that their project will be overseen by either the principle or an associate of the Firm.

Our firm has a proven depth of staffing that is unsurpassed in the Niagara Peninsula.  Our full-time staffs are of an intermediate or senior level, with experience ranging from 16 to 30 years.  Our Team also includes two interior designers, providing the client with interior design solutions by connecting the exterior design and interior harmoniously.  This creates building friendly environments that meet the needs of both the clients and their users.  RAAI is committed to using innovative methodolgies and BIM technology via Revit that increases efficiency, reduces interferences and increases client satisfaction, RAAI continues to evolve, and strive for continued "Excellence".