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Transition College

Address: 4687 Queen Street

Phone #: 905-358-7760



Transitions College: the Innovation-Driven Institution

Transitions College is the only Private Career College that proudly distinguishes itself through innovation in providing unique solutions to unique challenges. From our deep understanding to the current economic and social challenges, our innovation emerges from our wide spectrum of professionally selected educational and training programs. Our programs are diversified from the post secondary diploma going to professional training to newcomers, and expand to the advanced management training dedicated to senior managers at private business and government agencies.

Transitions College operates at two campuses located in Niagara Falls and Welland. Our success encouraged us to expand more locally as well as internationally. We provide a wide variety of post secondary education programs designed to local students, to international students, to newcomers, and to employees at private companies. We also have a research and development department specialized in providing research and development services to the government sector, to private business sector, to educational institutions, and to economic development corporations. We link our corporate social responsibility to every single program we deliver. Our strategic objective is to work with the government and society in creating shared value through a sophisticated educational industry in Ontario.