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Canadian Icewine United Speciality Hub Inc.

Address: 4501 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, ON , L2E 2L4

Phone #: 905-581-8871


Canadian Icewine United Speciality Hub Inc. (CIU) is a company registered in Canada, with corporate head office in Richmond, British Columbia.  The main business is marketing and distribution of Canadian Icewine and alcoholic beverages selected from leading top brands in Canada for the export market.  Our mission is to provide our products and services with the highest quality standard at the most economical price to our clients.  In addition, we are partnering with major Canadian suppliers of various Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) brands to ensure these icewine and their other wine products meet the quality integrity regulations and offer creditibility as real Canadian icewine between manufacture and consumer in the market place.  The management of CIU promotes good business practice by providing superior products and services in a win-win situation for the Canadian suppliers and the market place in China.