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Escape Room Niagara Falls

Address: 4437 Queen St

Phone #: 905-351-1039



Wondering what you’re in for? Read on…

Hidden Objects and Scavenger Hunts

Not everything is what it seems. And you may need a certain number of, or combination of items to solve a specific step. There will be visual or written clues that lead you to these puzzles.

Logic and Pattern Recognition

You’ll need logic, or the ability to see patterns in groups of things. Once you figure out how a group of numbers, symbols or items logically fit together, you’ll be close to how to solve a particular challenge. This may mean math, letters, words or patterns, but the key skill is logic. None of the math is too advanced for the average person.


Ciphers, codes, cryptography… We scramble, confuse and layer things together to challenge your code breaking skills. The ciphers or keys may also be in the room, so look around and talk to each other about what you find.


Bring out your sense of play – you’ll need to make a few creative leaps to escape before your time is up.

Solving Mysteries

There is a story to unravel, as you go, you’ll eliminate and add many possibilities before you uncover the meaning of your journey.

Hints and Guidance

There’s no save button, so we might give you a little boost, here and there.